This past weekend I had the honor of being a participating author at the 2017 Spokane Zombie Con! If you’ve never been to one, I highly recommend you go! Admittedly, this was my first, and it was a blast! 

Two of my three sons made the trek across WA State with me (my youngest gets horribly carsick so stayed home with his dad). We enjoyed the changing landscape along the way and also stopping in one of our favorite hidden towns, a Bavarian Village called Leavenworth. We saw some sights there, had dinner, and the kids grabbed their didgeridoo and ukulele from the car and joined in with a group of about five or six street musicians. It set the stage for an awesome working vacation!

On Saturday the boys helped me set up a booth to display my books. Soon after, zombies began walking up! I’ll be honest, one of the highlights of my weekend was seeing all the cool zombie costumes! Convention goers really got into role, and many of them were super impressive. One family showed up with I think it was six or seven children from maybe ages four to twentyish, their mom and dad, and even grandma and grandpa! They were each fully made up as the living dead, and quite convincingly so!  Another memorable one was a young mother and her two very young daughters, who I would guess were maybe three and five years old. Again, in full costume. She had to be one f the coolest moms ever! There were several zombified nuns, a couple of zombified priests, a handful of the living dead dressed as…well…just dressed weird. (Hey, why not, right?) Then came the hunters. Wow…several Daryl Dixons and a Negan who truly could have doubled for Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Meeting such a variety of wonderful people was truly a pleasure.

Henrik and Oskar had professional make-up done by a makeup artist who works on the set of Z Nation (she’s so talented!) Oskar was transformed into a creature missing the flesh from half his jaw, and Henrik developed a long diagonal slash from hairline to neck. His was extra creepy because it was so realistic. He asked the artist if she could recreate the scar that runs up the center of the back of his head from his brain surgeries. She looked his scar over, and even felt it, to get the best idea of how to copy it. 

Setting up a book to promote my brand was pretty cool. I was thrilled to meet other authors, talk to zombie fans, giveaway book marks and a bugout bag (congrats Cathy P. of Coeur d’Alene!), and to sell out of books 1-3 of my series! Taking the stage to read an excerpt from FALLEN GRACE was fun, too. The day ended with having the privilege of meeting Keith Allan (Z Nation’s “Murphy”) and the show’s executive producer…and being a part of the awesome audience who got to ask questions of the Z Nation panel of cast and crew! The head of special effects make-up discussed how he got into his line of work during the panel and seems to have made quite an impression on my middle child, who also won a zombie makeover kit at the convention! That night at the hotel he transformed his left arm into something truly gross. 

So, run…don’t walk…to the next convention you have a chance to get to! So. Much. Fun! 



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