6 oz soy candles. Hand poured in varying colors and scents (light florals, fruits, or baking yumminess such as cobbler, maple, sugar cookies, etc). Each “survival” tin will contain 2-3 zombie-themed metal charms. 

These are intended to repel the undead. Please use caution, as candle light also attracts the undead. Do not light if a zombie is present. 

To retrieve your charms, wait until they become exposed as the candle burns. Once easily dislodged, carefully remove from the hot wax. Take caution to not burn yourself, as burnt human flesh also attracts zombies (and it hurts). To remove the wax from your charms, soak them in warm water. Repeat as needed. 

$10.99 each; shipping to US address $6 (up to four candles). For international shipping please contact me before ordering.