Embracing the Gray & Aging Gracefully


In life, sometimes it works out best to embrace things. Since I was about sixteen, I’ve been dying my hair. Ginger, blonde, and once an accidental purple that I covered with brown, which turned it black. Almost two years ago I decided to do something drastic. I pulled out my husband’s hair trimmers and buzzed myself to about half an inch. I kept doing that until all trace of dye was gone. While it was fun having short hair, I prefer it longer so am in the middle of growing it out. I knew I had some gray (and have since I was about 20), but decided to embrace whatever gray is there. I have to admit, not dying my hair feels so good! Not only is it easier to manage (seldom any tangles) but it has some awesome shine. While aging has never bothered me (aside from natural aches and pains), I must admit I am LOVING my gray! It’s a pretty white/silver that looks like highlights.

Our society tends to push “anti-aging” at every turn. On TV, magazines, beauty product ads. The big push seems to go something like: be young, thin, beautiful. What happened to “be you?” Every body is different. From color to size to age to intelligence; there’s beauty in us all. Shouldn’t we each embrace who we are? Growing old is a natural occurrence, and a right each of us has. I figure I’ve earned every single one of these beauties…so why not wear them with pride? Would I go back to my 20’s or 30’s if given a choice? Heck no. Life is good at all stages.