A wee bit about me for those who are curious. 

Before I became a novelist, I enjoyed a long career as a registered nurse. I graduated from college with a degree in nursing at 20 and a few years later met a guy and fell in love. That guy became my husband just over a year later, and almost two years after that we welcomed our first of three sons! In 2012, I slipped in the snow and broke my ankle. While trying to heal (for months) I decided to write a book, and the Grace Series was born! I overlapped my nursing career with writing for about a year, but eventually retired to focus on my new passion of story-telling. 

Our family is complete with our three kids, four dogs, and three cats. We love hiking, camping, river-swimming, bike riding, rock hounding, cooking, and being overall silly together. I’ve loved the horror genre since I was a very young child, but the rest of my family does not share that joy. (what’s wrong with them??)

I feel so blessed to absolutely love what I do – being a wife, a mom, and an author.