“Watch your back, brother.

You never know when one of the dead is waiting to drag you to hell. -Gus”


M. Lauryl Lewis - wife, mother, author, & zombie addict




A lot of people ask what the “M” stands for. The name I turn my head to is “Marcy.” When I was sixteen, I legally changed my middle name to Lauryl (it’s a very long story) and I knew shortly after that if I were ever to write a book, it would be as M. Lauryl (Lewis came later when I got married). I’ve been married to my husband, Peter, since 2002. We have three little boys who are currently going in to 7th, 6th, and 4th grade. We love to go camping and on hikes on sunny days, love playing with our dogs and cats, and look forward to just about any family time we get. I was a registered nurse from 1995-2013, when I opted to retire so that I could focus on writing as well as be available for our oldest son, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in May of 2014. I love Thai food, the color green, the number 5, and reading! I’m also a firm believer in the power of a nap. I’ve always loved animals. Our family has three cats and four dogs that range from 12 up to 120 pounds!




Since very young adulthood, I always thought it would be “cool” to write a book someday. But in all honesty, it was nothing I ever planned to pursue. I was quite content as an RN, for over 18 years. In March of 2012, we had about an inch of snow on the ground. When I went out to feed my flock of chickens, I slipped and tore apart ligaments in my ankle. Within a month, I knew I was in pretty deep doo-doo and was spending most of my time in a recliner due to the pain of walking (even with an immobility boot). So, I pulled out my laptop and decided to write a book. GRACE LOST was “born,” and I decided to self-publish it in September of 2012. I found my passion through a random act of clumsiness and can’t imagine NOT writing anymore! My genre of choice is horror, but I’ve also written a new adult romance. I’ve loved horror (zombies in particular) since I was a very young child.




Some people take notice that my characters are flawed. This is intentional. I feel that by making characters realistic, the story will be more believable. The protagonist in the Grace Series is known for crying, being too trusting, too naive, and younger than her 20 years. And vomiting. I picked a young, naive, shy woman on purpose. I wanted to tell a tale of how an average person would react to the zombie apocalypse. My characters make some poor decisions. They don’t always use perfect grammar when they speak.  They cry. They scream. They show their fears.


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Words and thoughts that escape the confines of my mind.
  • Will there be more Grace?

    I’m getting a fair number of people asking “will there be more Grace?”

    My best answer is “maybe.” Book six took me so long to finish and release, and I don’t want to make any promises. There’s a couple other projects that I’ve been itching to write (one is a haunting based partly on personal experience and the other is a horror/sci-fi). I’m hoping that in writing even one of them, I may end up better focused and more productive, with a renewed pinch of creativity. 

    Grace. So, again, no promises, but I do see potential for another book eventually. My brain has already begun wondering where things go in the Grace universe, which is a pretty good indication that eventually I’ll need to weave more of Gus and Zoe’s story. 

    Before my son’s cancer diagnosis, I aimed to write and release a new book every 4-6 months. In the past 2 years and 5 months, focusing has gotten so difficult. Our lives were turned upside down in a matter of hours. However, I feel like I’m at a point where I’m ready to amp up productivity. 

    So, maybe. Probably. 

  • State of Grace is LIVE!

    It’s with absolute excitement that I announce…State of Grace is now LIVE! You can find it here on Amazon and it should go live today/tomorrow on other platforms!

    A lot of people are asking “what’s next?” I have so many things I’m itching to write. I’m not sure which will come first, but the list is (in no particular order):

    The Planted series (book 1, scifi/horror)
    Schiessl House (a haunting)
    Under a Brighter Sun (book 2 of the Sun series, new adult romance)
    The Dawn of Grace (Grace Series short prequel)

    Other than The Dawn of Grace, will there be any more books in the Grace Series? My best answer is “maybe someday.”

  • Christmas Giveaway!

    Welcome, and Merry Christmas! Author Casey Hays has generously offered to host posts on her blog this month, and I have the honor of being the first to share! Be sure to check out my contribution at Casey’s blog Meet Me Between the Pages! You’ll get a bit of history about me, holiday traditions in my family, and what the real magic of Christmas means to me. Hope you enjoy!

    Also, enter below for your chance to win a name rock, hand painted by me! This “Max” rock is an example.

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Snippets to keep you fed!


The truth is I was born dead. It was a consequence, I was told, of my mother not loving me. It wasn’t the doctors or the nurses who brought me back to life. It wasn’t my mother wrapping her arms around my lifeless newborn body nor was it her aching heart reaching out in desperate need of knowing me. She never held me. She never named me. As the story goes, she refused to even look at me. It wasn’t the miracle of modern technology that brought me back from the land of shadows and silence. It was my father’s tears that brought me to life, nearly two hours after my birth.
Beyond that first day, I didn’t know either of my parents.  The woman who raised me said that she was there at my birth and the hours that followed.  She witnessed me draw my first breath as my father held my cold, blue, and still body to his chest.  My mother thought I was a child of the Devil, implanted within her womb by a secret society of demons.  My father felt compelled to care for her even in her insanity, so for my own safety he painfully left me behind to be cared for by others.  I was told that he sobbed in the end when they took me from him.  I hadn’t thought badly of him for his decision. After all, my life so far had been one filled with happiness and love.



Norse goddess of war and wealth, of love and fertility.
I was named after the goddess of love and war. Freya. War would be in my future, but the people who sentenced me to this life certainly did not do it out of love. Did they know monsters would await our arrival? Did they know how long the nights would last? 


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